Stage 1A

Suggested features:

  • Re-painting the bike path with road markings, native fauna/flora (COMPLETED IN Feb 2022)

  • Planting shade trees x3-4 with bordering grasses/shrubs in and around the bike path with goal of eventually providing shade (as trees mature) and immediately improving the appeal and sensory ‘texture’ of the area (possible species for plantings include lilypilli, hakea, westringia, purple fountain grass, grevillea and other natives)

  • Installation of 3 - 4 benches around the path where existing small concrete slabs are placed, with goal of inviting parents to spend time in the space, be comfortable and relax while still being to observe kids

  • Possible ‘bike parking’ rack for kids to leave scooters and bikes, engage in imaginative and role play around taking care of their vehicles

  • Addition of simple structures close to the ground such as stepping stones, balance beam, animal shapes, with local language